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Message from The Principal


Prof. Anne K. Nangulu

It is a great honour for me to be a part of the Bomet University College (BUC) family as its Principal. I take this opportunity of welcoming you all to the BUC’s Website, to also thank you for your interest in this University College, which is a Constituent College of Moi University.
The University College is anchored on its Niche “Green Economy for Sustainability’’; and Motto: “Green University for Sustainability’’
Here, a platform has been provided to enable us interact with you and get to know us as a “Green University for Sustainability’’. In BUC, there are undergraduate as well as postgraduate Academic Programmes offered in four (4) Schools namely; School of Arts and Social Sciences; School of Pure and Applied Sciences; School of Business and Entrepreneurship; and School of Education.
Allow me if you may, to invite you virtually on BUC Website to the respective Schools for detailed information on Academic Programmes; Research Activities; Extension and Outreach. Through Virtual Tour, it will be possible for you to learn about BUC’s Academic and Administrative Staff.
As you will also easily learn, BUC has intentionally created a family of Students and Staff from all over the country, regionally and globally. This means that we have no hesitations while inviting you to join the BUC Community in any ways and capacities, towards attainment of our Institutional Niche; “Green Economy for Sustainability”.
Bomet University College Students and Staff have moved away from their foundational families, in their quest of furthering University Education and Knowledge. We have accordingly put up systems and mechanisms that ensure the comfort of Students, Staff and other Stakeholders at all times, and one needs to feel that they are just moving away from one family context into another.
For the Students in particular, their Peers, Academic and Research Leaders, all form an extended family from whom they can look up to for any guidance, support and help, as they pursue their various career paths towards shaping their lives into professions of their choice.
Undoubtedly, BUC as an institution of Higher Learning has a rich and relatively clear record of achievements. I urge you to take a tour of our Website so that you get a feel of who we are. Just to re-iterate, the University College has highly qualified Academic and Administrative Staff in their respective fields of expertise.
Further, BUC has a robust team that manages various aspects of Student Affairs, which is pivotal to our uniqueness and success. The BUC community therefore provides a variety of experiences that inculcate skills such as leadership and the glocal spirit, which are helpful in the current dynamic world.
Not in any way to demean our other achievements, it is important to mention that the University College has put in place up-to-date ICT infra-structure that enables Blended Learning even in the face of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Global Pandemic.
As Management of BUC, we are currently empowering Staff and Students to make use of all e-Resources from our Library, and in support of Institutional Niche: Green Economy for Sustainability; there are several endeavours to have e-connections; partnerships and collaborations for most of BUC activities. In this e-Environment, BUC has a Functional Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system and further enhances our spirit of making our environment Green.
The already implied serenity of BUC, along with relevant Academic curricula; co-curricular and extra-curricular activities obviously shapes the Intellectual, physical and mental growth of our Students and Staff.
Therefore, I seize this chance to assure you, on behalf of the BUC family that we will be of great assistance to you to pursue your objectives of life under the varied social, cultural, economic, safe and secure environment; and make the University family proud of your success and achievements.

Upcoming Research and Innovation Startup Village

Welcome to the BUC Research Center

The Research Centre and Start-Up Village under construction will support activities that are part of Bomet University College’s mission to provide a conducive environment for discovery, preservation and dissemination of knowledge; to nurture critical inquiry, creativity and engagement for social transformation and advancement of humanity.

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School Learning

  • Vision

    To be a premier Green University in fostering research excellence in Science, Technology and Innovation for sustainability.

  • Mission

    To provide a conducive environment for discovery, preservation and dissemination of knowledge; to nurture critical inquiry, creativity and engagement for social transformation and advancement of humanity.

  • Core Values

    BUC is a community built upon the valued relationships among students, staff, faculty, the alumni and other stakeholders. At the core of these relationships are our core values that lead to the realization of our corporate culture and good governance. These are: (i) Integrity: Consistency in service delivery through adherence to highest ethical standards. (ii) Patriotism: To render selfless services and unwavering commitment to the University. (iii) Transparency and Accountability: To maintain a culture of openness, fairness, equity, and assume and demonstrate responsibility over our individual and collective actions. (iv) Respect: For diversity and the dignity of the individual, as well as attaching a premium to the contributions of each and every player regardless of one’s status in the University. (v) Commitment: To continuously improve on the quality of the services offered with the goal of assuring longevity and excellence of the University.

  • Philosophy

    As a University Community, we believe in quality, pragmatic teaching, learning, originality, inclusiveness in management, harnessing knowledge and being a multi-disciplinary institution of quality and innovative research for sustainable development. A University dedicated in imparting creative and critical thinking as part of the essential skills needed for living and working successfully in a dynamic society. Also, to participate in the discovery, transmission, preservation, enhancement of knowledge and to stimulate the intellectual participation of students in the economic, sociocultural, scientific and technological development of Kenya and the community of nations.

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