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Performance Contracting

Being a Public entity established as a Constituent College of Moi University through the Legal Notice No. 145, Bomet University College (BUC) upholds Government of Kenya (GOK) Performance Contracting Guidelines. The Performance Contracting process enables the University College to establish and maintain good corporate governance for quality service delivery in implementation of her Strategic Plan 2018-2023 towards realization of its mandate and Niche.

The Performance Contracting Implementation Structure for BUC includes Office of the Performance Contracting Coordinator currently held by the Deputy Principal, Administration and Finance plays a central liaison role between the various players and implementers. The key role being linking the Performance Contracting Steering Committee and the Process Owners to the College Management Board. On the other hand, The Performance Contracting Steering Committee plays an oversight and advisory function across the whole process. This Committee besides assisting the Process Owners in Setting, Negotiating and Cascading of the Annual Performance Targets, monitors the progress of implementation through reviews, evaluations and reporting to the College Management Board, Council and the External Agencies. At the heart of the Performance Contracting Steering Committee is the PC Secretariat that plays the day to day administrative and logistical functions of Performance Contracting. The Implementing Process Owners are the Deans of Schools, Heads of Departments, Heads of Sections and Heads of Units.

The First Bomet University College Performance Contract, FY2019/2020

The 16th Performance Contract Cycle, covering the contract period from 1st July, 2019 to 30th June, 2020, was the first Performance Contract between Bomet University College (BUC) and the Government of Kenya through the Ministry of Education in 2019.
Through resolute hard work by the PC Steering Committee and the Process Owners the 2019/2020 Performance Contracting Targets were successfully implemented. The Government of Kenya through the Public Service Performance Management and Monitoring Unit (PSPMMU) carried out an evaluation on all the Ministries, Directorates and Agencies (MDAs) including BUC. In so doing, PSPMMU relied on BUC Self-Evaluation Report compiled by the PC Steering Committee, Reports from Government Agencies and evidence of achievement of PC targets and moderated the scores. The BUC Moderated Score for PC for FY 2019/2020 was 3.1009 which is rated as Good. This therefore serves as the benchmark for BUC Performance Contracting towards national and global Excellency.

Performance Criteria Values

This is presented in the diagram shown below:


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